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Starting a UMBC Alumni Group or Chapter
Given the challenge volunteer groups face in organizing, sustaining momentum, and leadership succession planning, the UMBC Alumni Association Board of Directors and Alumni Relations staff will actively work to help organize alumni groups. In particular, we endeavor to help them build community and seek recognition as chapters to actively develop and maintain viability, and to foster support of the UMBC Alumni Association’s mission.

Alumni Chapters
An alumni chapter is defined as a group of alumni who come from a common region, have common ties to University programs, represent a specific college, academic department or professional interest, represent campus student groups and other organizations, or represent a constituency or interest group. Existing chapters include: the Chapter of Young Alumni, the Chapter of Black and Latino Alumni and the Meyerhoff Alumni Chapter.

Alumni Community Building: A First Step to Alumni Engagement

Organizing an official chapter can be a rewarding experience and is a great way to stay connected to UMBC, develop a network of alumni and support the Alumni Association. To explore the feasibility of a particular official alumni chapter, we encourage the development of alumni communities based on geographic location or common interests. These activities include meet-ups at a local restaurant, sporting events, picnics, etc. These kinds of activities often help prepare groups for the structure and organizational planning required to proceed through the official recognition process.

Currently, we have several alumni who are working to organize more formal groups: the potential chapter of Asian, Arab, and South Asian alumni and the athletic alumni. At this time they are working to build an active group of members and volunteers. If you'd like to learn more about or get involved with these groups, please contact us at

If you are interested in organizing some type of meet-up, please let an Alumni Relations staff member know and they can help you advertise on Retriever Net (UMBC’s online alumni community) or in the E-Triever (alumni e-newsletter), as space allows. In addition to using personal connections to organize, we encourage you to join existing UMBC alumni groups on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

If you decide you would like to create a more official connection to the UMBC Alumni Association as a chapter, please first review these guidelines, and then contact us at